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Intimacy isn’t normally the first thing that one thinks of when you think about hearing aids. We get it. These tiny devices are usually presented in very concrete terms. Less defined expressions including poetry, music, and art are more suited to the topic of love.

And yet, the two are closely linked to the point where you may want to start viewing your hearing aid as an intimacy device. After all, the social isolation that comes from untreated hearing loss can also mean separation from your partner. That means it isn’t just chatting with the cashier at the grocery store that becomes more challenging, it’s also maintaining your most significant and intimate relationships.

That doesn’t mean someone suffering from hearing loss isn’t capable of forming deep bonds or of experiencing beautiful, enduring relationships. But it will be necessary to put in place some practiced adaptations and take some special care. If you’ve been losing your hearing slowly and over time, you probably haven’t developed those extra skills, subsequently, your relationships could suffer.

By the same token, something as simple as a hearing aid can quickly and easily enhance these important relationships and make true intimacy more possible. Here are just a few ways that hearing aids could have a positive affect on your love life.

Improved communication

It’s no secret that healthy relationships require strong communication (though, it is often harder to practice than it is to preach). Everyone will feel more appreciated and valued with strong communication permitting stronger emotional connections and decreasing arguments.

But the difficulty becomes even more evident with hearing loss which can significantly hinder normal communication.

A hearing aid will help most quickly in the following ways:

  • The softer, whispered moments won’t get lost. Let’s be truthful, it’s not pillow talk if you have to yell. You and your partner will enjoy those hushed quiet experiences with hearing aids.
  • You’ll have more energy for communication.When you have hearing loss, speaking and listening can consume a lot of energy, leaving you feeling exhausted. With a hearing aid, chatting can be fun and energizing once again.

Your partner won’t have to be your translator

If your partner needs to repeat everything being said, it doesn’t make for a very romantic evening. Likewise, you won’t have much fun if you can’t hear anything that’s happening all night. It’s not hard to imagine the kind of resentment this could cause.

A hearing aid can help maintain your independence. Your partner won’t need to order your food at a restaurant or be your translator when you’re at a dinner party. And going out alone to socialize will also be easier. This means you’ll have stories and adventures that you can bring home to your partner, enriching your relationship in the process.

Your partner’s needs will be more accessible to you

Your partner’s daily life will be so much easier in so many ways if you can hear more. Perhaps you jump in and help with dinner because your hearing aids allow you to hear the cook timer ring. Or perhaps you hear your partner stumble on the floor and ask if they’re okay. When you hear your partner complaining under their breath, you have a chance to ask what’s bothering them.

All of this might not sound like much of a big deal. But added up, these little gestures exhibit your commitment and compassion. They demonstrate your level of care. And that will make you a good partner. A hearing aid makes that much easier to accomplish because you’ll recognize those sometimes subtle audio cues.

You won’t miss the power of a whisper

When you are dealing with hearing loss, especially when you haven’t noticed your symptoms, it might be hard to recognize that you’ve stopped hearing those breathy whispers shared during intimate occasions. And let’s be honest, those quiet sounds are part of the fun of intimacy. A hearing aid will allow you to enjoy the power of a whisper again. Which means you’ll be able to enjoy the closeness of your partnership in a more profound way.

Helping Your Relationship

To be certain, a hearing aid won’t mend every issue with your relationship. And if you do have hearing loss, you can still have intimacy. Hearing aids will make certain aspects of your love life more pleasurable and enriching and that’s the main point here.

So when hearing loss gets in the way of your connections, your relationships can become dicey and it can be difficult to find the reason. Schedule an appointment with us, a hearing aid could bring back welcome intimacy to your love life.

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